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Contenintal Door Lock Mechanism (SKU: 333302)Contenintal Door Lock Mechanism (SKU: 333302)
Continental 3" Drain Valve,NO ***Replaces 163212*** (SKU: 600551)Continental 3" Drain Valve,NO ***Replaces 163212*** (SKU: 600551)
Continental Actuator, Washer Model LS32 (SKU: 196774)Continental Actuator, Washer Model LS32 (SKU: 196774)
Continental Belt, Spz2287, for OPL Machine (SKU: 171991)Continental Belt, Spz2287, for OPL Machine (SKU: 171991)
Continental Control Fuse (SKU: 182485)Continental Control Fuse (SKU: 182485)
Continental Cycle Programmer Timer (SKU: 348524)Continental Cycle Programmer Timer (SKU: 348524)
Continental Diaphram (SKU: 300202)Continental Diaphram (SKU: 300202)
Continental Door Lock/Switch, Bitron (SKU: 322966)Continental Door Lock/Switch, Bitron (SKU: 322966)
Continental Door Seal, H-5020 (SKU: 322263)Continental Door Seal, H-5020 (SKU: 322263)
Continental Drain Valve,NO MDB-3RA(Blue Rt Angle) (SKU: 600544)Continental Drain Valve,NO MDB-3RA(Blue Rt Angle) (SKU: 600544)
Continental Hose , Replaces 312760 (SKU: 333021)Continental Hose , Replaces 312760 (SKU: 333021)
Continental Key, Aurora Program, GR100 or ESD100 (SKU: 316075)Continental Key, Aurora Program, GR100 or ESD100 (SKU: 316075)
Continental Optic Sensor For Coin Drop (SKU: 322461)Continental Optic Sensor For Coin Drop (SKU: 322461)
Continental Shock Absorber, Model H-5020 (SKU: 323238)Continental Shock Absorber, Model H-5020 (SKU: 323238)
Continental Soap Dispenser Siphon Tube, L Series (SKU: 187435)Continental Soap Dispenser Siphon Tube, L Series (SKU: 187435)
Continental Tempature Sensor (SKU: 193862)Continental Tempature Sensor (SKU: 193862)
Continental V-Belt, Spz1180 (SKU: 129296)Continental V-Belt, Spz1180 (SKU: 129296)
Continental V-Belt, Spz2000 (SKU: 159657)Continental V-Belt, Spz2000 (SKU: 159657)
Continental V-Belt, Spz2137 (SKU: 129288)Continental V-Belt, Spz2137 (SKU: 129288)
Continental V-Belt, Spz2240, for Coin Machine (SKU: 162420)Continental V-Belt, Spz2240, for Coin Machine (SKU: 162420)
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Ed Brown Distributors sells only Original Equipment Manuracturer's (OEM) parts.  No counterfit parts for us or you.  By selling only OEM parts, we are able to offer 90 day manufacturer's warranty (except rubber parts).  Also, OEM laundry equipment parts are guaranteed to be the exact match to the part you are replacing. 

Our laundry parts department has thousands of parts from all major manufacturers, Wascomat, Huebsch, Continental, Milnor, Ipso, Dexter, Maytag, Speed Queen, American DryerCissell, UniMac, Whirlpool, and many more.  If you're a coin laundry owner, an on-premise laundry manager, or just need some OEM parts, we are sure that we will save you time and money.  If you do not see the part you need, call our toll free number - 800-929-5520 or email our parts department.
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